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Insignis Syringe Driver

The Insignis Syringe Driver is a 13.5psi safe constant pressure syringe driver that operates independent of battery power or electricity.


  • User friendly syringe driver with low force, easy to grip lever with smooth, rounded edges for patient comfort
  • Compact, convenient, portable syringe driver designed for use in all positions and on all surfaces
  • Consistent, reliable performance throughout entire life cycle of device (2,000 infusions under standard use)
  • Syringe is held in alignment and cannot be inadvertently moved or ejected
  • Clear, visual indication of internal working mechanism to aid in tracking infusion progress
  • Emergency brightly colored safety lock tab used to engage and disengage mechanism in the event the infusion needs to be prematurely stopped.

Syringe infusion system enables partial or “intermittent” pause dosing for both intravenous and subcutaneous use.


  • Intravenous: especially advantageous when infusing smaller volumes of antibiotics over an extended period of time
  • Subcutaneous: beneficial and effective way to test and deliver medication at a fast flow rate without causing injury to the patient. This method allows the patient to safely maximize therwpeutic benefit while minimizing discomfort.